Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall is Here!

Fall has to be my favorite season of the year! Aside from the colors, weather, and the tasty Pumpkin Spice frappe at Starbucks, my birthday is during this season as well. Activities that I enjoy during the fall includes pumpkin carving with my nieces, visiting a few haunted houses, and of course attending football games! I also enjoy sitting next to the fireplace with a warm cup of coffee while watching scary movies! Fall break starts tomorrow for us as well and it's a perfect time to make more memories!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jag Football Fever!

I've always been a sports fan every since I was a child. The best thing about Saturdays would be spending time with my family, enjoying our favorite college football team play. We would either hang out at the house and order pizza or go out to order some wings at a restaurant while enjoying the game. We always supported our favorite team the best way that we knew how and that's exactly how it is here at South Alabama! One of my favorite football memories would be the first homecoming game I attended the year we played the Troy Trojans. My friends and I were dressed head to toe in our Jag Wear and we ended up losing our voices due to all of the screaming. I had the time of my life and I can't wait until our game this Saturday against North Carolina State! Go Jags!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Transition into College

The transition from high school into college can be quite scary for most students. Some may decide to attend college away from home while others may decide to attend a college in their hometown, but either way it goes it is a new beginning and the first step into adulthood. My transition from high school into college was smooth. I had a lot of free time during my first semester. Majority of my classes were in the morning so I was done with class work by noon. After classes and grabbing a bite to eat, I would either get a workout in at the Rec or spend the rest of my day studying for exams. After my first semester, I became involved in campus organizations and working as well so I had more duties to complete during the day. There were times that I became home sick but I had to keep
reminding myself that my family will always be there for me and that it was my time to branch off and become successful in my own way. This is my last year here at the University and everything has been working out for the best every since freshman year! Go Jags!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Favorite Class this Semester

I've had semester after semester filled with interesting courses but I must say that my favorite course this semester has to be my Digital Forensic classes. In these courses we are learning scripting and coding which will allow us to complete tasks such as recovering deleted data from electronics. Gaining these skills throughout these courses will prepare me for my career as a Computer Forensic Specialist. My professors are very helpful because they take their time reviewing the commands to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It's great learning from the book but it's even greater to have your professors teach you how to complete tasks based on their own knowledge and experience. This semester is going to be far from easy, but it's definitely going to be worth all of the hard work that I will in.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Allow Me to Introduce Myself!

Hi my fellow and future Jaguars! My name is Kelsey and I am a Jag Guide here at the University. I would like to tell you all a few things about myself. I'm from Montgomery, AL and this is my senior year. My major is Information Technology with a minor in Criminal Justice. I really enjoy helping others so having the role as a Jag Guide fits me perfectly. When I'm not studying for exams or working, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family. Since we are close to the beach, it is usually my relaxation spot on the weekends. There is nothing better than the feeling of sand between your toes and feeling a nice breeze while enjoying the view of a beautiful sunset! These past few years have been amazing while attending South Alabama and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Go Jags!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week of Welcome and Beyond!

Would you like to get involved on campus but not sure of what clubs and organizations South Alabama offers? Well, Get On Board Day is the perfect event for you! Get On Board Day is held during our Week of Welcome and Beyond and it's a perfect opportunity for new and returning students to seek membership in organizations of their interests. During this event, organizations have tables set up with displays to inform others of their purpose and goals while promoting membership. South Alabama offers over 200 organizations for student's to get involved and even if we don't offer an organization that interests you, you can very well start you're own! Not only is Get On Board Day a great start to networking but it's a great start to getting involved on campus and making the most out of your college experience!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hello Summer!

It's every student's favorite time of the year, summer time! After having a week full of exams, relaxing in the swimming pool is all I can think of at this time. Although I will be attending summer school and working, I still have plans to enjoy myself to the fullest. Whether it's trips to the beach, Six Flags, or just attending BBQ cookouts, my summer will consist of things that I enjoy doing the most. One thing that I enjoy the most about summer is that it's a time where all of my high school friends are back home and we get a chance to make more memories again. I had a great semester and I plan on having an even better summer! Hope you guys enjoy your summer as well and hope to see you on campus next semester!