Thursday, October 23, 2014

We're All In This Together!

Are you the type of student that likes working in groups or would you rather work alone? That decision may depend on the class that you are enrolled in and the difficulty of the material. One of my favorite classes thus far here at South Alabama has to be my team based learning Project Management class. Many of you may be unaware of  exactly what Team Base Learning is. Team base learning is a form of learning that involves individual work and group work. Each member of the group is required to attend class prepared with having read the material and ready to participate in any group discussions and activities. Team based learning is very helpful because if there is some material that you don't understand, you'll have your permanent group member's there to assist you. You all will participate in individual group work in which your professor will give you the opportunity to decide which grade will weigh more! I don't know about you but that is perfect for me! Some of the material with my Project Management class can be difficult to understand but I'm thankful that I have a very involved and helpful group that is willing to go above and beyond to help the other group members. Team based learning is used here all over campus, in many different courses. We Jags stick together and we have a little motto that says no student is left behind, we all will succeed! Go Jags!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Who let the Jags out!

Our favorite time of the year is here which is football season and football season comes with the excitement of homecoming week! Homecoming for South Alabama is more than a football game, it's having a week full of activities representing our school spirit! One activity that is a tradition during homecoming week is a little thing we call Junk the Jungle. For Junk the Jungle, students gather out in the traffic circle on campus and throw rolls of toilet paper into the trees. It gets pretty messy out there but it's so much fun! The trees will stay decorated for the week and then volunteers will go out and clean it up. It's a great way to express our school spirit while bonding with friends and other fellow Jags. Another way that we represent school spirit is by having Jag Wear Wednesday where every Wednesday students will wear something that represents South. Not only do we have school spirit for homecoming week, we have it every week of the school year,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Place Like Home!

As cheesy as it may sounds, every experience I've had here at South  has been an indescribable one! South was the only University that stood out to me when I took a tour of the campus. I would never forget the day of my tour because the faculty and the current students welcomed me in as if I were already a fellow Jaguar! We have an amazing campus with a layout that is far from your typical college campus along with many different ways in which to get involved and have a great college life. South has offered and is still offering me many opportunities to excel in life. From the volunteer opportunities to the many career opportunities the IT department here offers, everything has been a memorable experience. I must say that making the decision to be a Jaguar has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I've learned important life lessons here at South and I have made some great friendships as well. Having pride in being a Jaguar is a serious matter and that's something that no one can ever take from me!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

College Ready!

The beginning of your senior year in high school is probably the busiest time of year. You have to prepare for senior pictures, maybe think of a good senior prank, complete any senior projects, and of course the anticipation for graduation is there as well. But you also have to start preparing for your first year of college. At this point, as a senior in high school you should be planning to visit the campus of any University that's of your interest. Touring the campus of the University is an important part of the decision process simply because it can help you decide whether or not that college would be a good fit for you and you will have an opportunity to get any of your questions answered by current students or faculty members. Once you take a tour of the college, try narrowing your options down and then start the application process to each of them. Most of the Universities deadlines for scholarships is December 1st so you definitely want to have all of your applications sent in by that date. Some seniors tend to stress because they haven't decided what they would like to major in. If you haven't decided on a major yet, that's fine. It's really no rush because you will have to complete prerequisite classes first such as your Math and English classes. There are assessments that you can take that will give you suggestions on different majors based off of your interests and hobbies. Even though will have a lot of business to take care of, still try to enjoy your last year in high school. As long as you do everything ahead of time, it should be smooth sailing for you. Just enjoy the last year with all of your friends!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time to get involved!

My freshman year here at South Alabama I had to make a lot of adjustments in my schedule with all of the free time that I had on my hands. Majority of my classes were held in the morning so I was pretty much done with everything by noon. Having too much free time on my hands equals trouble. To make sure that I had a successful first year of college, I decided to join a couple of organizations and become a member of a work out group just so that I didn't spend half of the day sleeping or just playing around with my friends. Once I became active on campus, my free time decreased and I started to really enjoy the college life. My days started consisting of going to class, studying, and completing tasks for the organizations I was involved in. I started to make new friends and network with people around campus which made South Alabama to start feeling like home!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jag Swag Football

Growing up in the South I've always been a sports fan, especially football! As a child, I remember waking up to my dad and my brother yelling and cheering for their favorite team playing on a Saturday morning. I always wondered what the big fuss was about so one day I decided to sit in on a game and I've been in love with the sport every since!No matter where you go the day of a big game, you will see fans wearing their favorite football team t shirt or maybe even flags pinned on top of cars in anticipation for the game. There is no difference here at the University of South Alabama in the way that we support our Jags! One of my favorite football memories was the weekend that we played the Troy Trojans. I have a a lot of friends that attend Troy University that attended the game and with them being our rival, it was fun to have a little friendly competition against them. There was so much Jag spirit that day, I'm sure the Trojans left chanting a few of our songs. Students painted their bodies and had all types of Jag swag going on. Although we didn't win that game, we still had a great time cheering for our team! The game this weekend against Mississippi State is highly anticipated with it already being sold out! Hopefully we will have good weather but regardless you can better believe that the Jags will show up and show out!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Making the Transition

Making the transition from high school into college was just another adventure in life for me. I've always been an independent, head strong type of person so the idea of going to college away from home intrigued me. Being able to get a little taste of the real world by making my own decisions without the influence of my parents would definitely help me to grow and build character. I've always been told that you are suppose to make mistakes in life because that is how you grow and prosper. So I was definitely ready to start living and learning without any fears. One challenging aspect of the transition was managing my time wisely. At times I can be the biggest procrastinator known to man. While in high school, I could wait until the night before or the morning of to study for a quiz or an exam and do perfect on it but I quickly learned it doesn't work that way in college. With there being so many fun activities to get involved in, I learned that it was best that I start using my time wisely by preparing for quizzes and exams early so whenever it was time to go hang out with my friends I could do so freely. It was a little rocky at first with a few slip ups here and there but as time progressed I became better!